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Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute is the most prestigious Interventional radiology training program. For the past 30 years, MCVI has trained leader interventional radiologists and it continues to provide the same quality training year after year. MCVI provides its trainees the opportunity to become strong clinical Interventional Radiologists with the knowledge to become technically skilled proceduralists but more importantly strong clinical interventionists with the clinical judgement and skills required to work-up patients and determine the best possible course of action, including non-IR procedures/treatments. This is based on recognizing when to intervene and, even more difficult, when not to proceed with a procedure. Additionally, as an MCVI fellow you have the privilege to care for patients with complex diseases processes and to perform high-end, unique procedures which are complex in their own regard. At MCVI we had the opportunity to work and learn from great interventional radiologists who are both innovators and leaders in the field. I have received outstanding teaching and mentorship, for which I am very grateful. 
-- Fellow 2019-2020

Previous Fellows 1989-2018

Gray Lyons, MD, PhD 2018-2019
Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Baltimore MD
Raj Shah, MD 2018-2019
Commonwealth Radiology Associates, Salem MA
Mustafa Haddad, MD 2018-2019
Radiology Imaging Associates, Denver CO
Bo Liu, MD 2018-2019
Associates in Radiology of Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh NY
Vinayak Thakur, MD 2018-2019
Adventist Health, Orlando FL
Raisa Durrani, MD 2017-2018
Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem NC
Christopher Harnain, MD 2017-2018
Cornell University Medical Center, New York NY
Xhorlina Marko, MD 2017-2018
University of Michigan School of Medicine, Ann Arbor MI
Alex Misono, MD 2017-2018
Hoag Hospital, Newport Harbor Radiology Associates, Newport Beach CA
Edgar St. Amour, MD 2017-2018
CARTI Cancer Center, Little Rock AR
Ashley Adamovich, MD 2016-2017
Concord Hospital, Concord NH.
Ramsey Al-Hakim, MD 2016-2017
Dotter Interventional Institute, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland OR
Alok Bhatt, MD 2016-2017
Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center Los Angeles, CA
Bruce Bordlee, MD 2016-2017
Tulane University, New Orleans LA
Paul Rotolo, MD 2016-2017
Progressive Physician Associates, Bethlehem PA
Kyle Cooper, MD 2015-2016
Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda CA
Yolanda Bryce, MD 2015-2016
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center New York, NY
Amardeep Johar, MD 2015-2016
Kaiser Permanente San Rafael Medical Center, San Rafael CA
Robert Tartaglione, MD 2015-2016
Kaiser Permanente San Leandro Medical Center, San Leandro CA
Behrang Homayoon, MD 2015-2016
Surrey Memorial Hospital, Vancouver Canada
Yilun Koethe, MD 2015-2016
College: Tufts University Medical School: Duke University School of Medicine
Residency: University of California, San Francisco
Arian Nasiri, MD 2015-2016
College: UCLA, Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine
Residency: Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Andrew Niekamp, MD 2015-2016
College: Ohio State University, Medical School: Ohio State University School of Medicine
Residency: University of Texas at Houston
Erich Russell, DO 2015-2016
College: University of Vermont, Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Residency: Maine Medical Center
Elena Violari, MD 2015-2016
College: University of Connecticut Medical School: University of Athens
Residency: University of Connecticut
S. Reha Butros, MD 2014-2015
Fairfax Radiology Fairfax, VA
Charles J. McGraw, Jr., MD 2014-2015
San Diego Imaging Oceanside, CA
Emerson E. Sharpe III MD 2014-2015
Colorado Permanente Medical Group Denver, CO
Jaime S. Wagner, MD 2014-2015
Greensboro Radiology Greensboro, NC
Timothy E. Yates, MD 2014-2015
Mount Sinai Medical Center Miami, FL
Hyun J. Bang, MD 2013-2014
Capitol Vascular and Oncology Institute, McLean VA
Aseem K. Bhandari, MD 2013-2014
Savannah Vascular Institute, Savannah GA
Daniel C. Brown, MD 2013-2014
Asheville Radiology/Carolina Vascular, Asheville NC
Cuong (Ken) H. Lam, MD 2013-2014
Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center Los Angeles, CA
M. Reza Rajebi, MD 2013-2014
RASF/Physicians Regional Medical Center, Naples FL
Peter Biegler III, MD 2012-2013
Sanford Health Fargo, ND
Andrew Hall, MD 2012-2013
Jupiter Imaging Associates Jupiter, FL
Matthew Cronin, MD 2012-2013
Radiology Associates of Clearwater Clearwater, Florida
Juan Gomez, MD 2012-2013
Wellington Regional Medical Center, Wellington FL
Andrew McBride, MD 2011-2012
Mori, Bean, & Brooks, P.A. Jacksonville, FL
Reginald Baker, MD 2011-2012
Modesto Radiological Medical Group, Modesto CA
Frank (Francisco) Contreras, MD 2011-2012
Florida Hospital Orlando, FL
Mary Brookes Ezell, MD 2011-2012
Tulane University Medical Center New Orleans, LA
Keri Campbell, DO 2010-2011
University of Oklahoma Science Center Oklahoma City, OK
Joseph Couvillon, MD 2010-2011
Northern Virginia Radiology Consultants Arlington, VA
Michael Nguyen, MD 2010-2011
Austin Radiological Association, Austin TX
Trey Pham, MD 2010-2011
Desert Radiologists Las Vegas, NV
Derek Mittleider, MD 2009-2010
Interventional Radiology Maine Medical Center, Portland ME
Amer Naiem, MD 2009-2010
Radiology Associates of Hollywood, Hollywood FL
Paul Rochon, MD 2009-2010
University of Colorado Medical Center, Denver CO
Brian Schiro, MD 2009-2010
Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, Miami FL
Dean Chauvin, MD 2008-2009
Interventional Radiologist Houston Progressive Radiology Associates Houston, Texas
Jerry M. Gibbs, MD 2008-2009
Interventional Radiologist The Methodist Hospital System Houston, Texas
John D. Gleason, MD 2008-2009
Radiologic Associates of Fredicksburg, Fredericksburg Virginia
Michael Gordon, MD 2008-2009
Interventional Radiologist North Broward Radiologists, PA Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Parag Patel, MD 2007-2008
Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
Rahul Patel, MD 2007-2008
Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York NY
Fabio Komlos, MD 2007-2008
El Camino Hospital, Mountain View CA
David Zamos 2007-2008
Associate Interventional Radiologist Cleveland Clinic Cleveland, Ohio
Hong Lim, MD 2006-2007
Vascular and Interventional Associates of Fairfax Radiological Associates, Fairfax VA
Jerry A. Michel, MD 2006-2007
Chief Vascular and Interventional Radiology Madigan Army Medical Center
Ranjith Vellody, MD 2006-2007
Clinical Lecturer Interventional Radiology University of Michigan Health System Dexter, Michigan
Adarsh (Ash) Verma, MD 2006-2007
Radiology Associates of Clearwater Clearwater, Florida
Hank J. Freeman, MD 2005-2006
Regional Imaging & Therapeutic Radiology Services Staten Island, New York
Jason G. Funderburk, MD 2005-2006
Raymond G Murphy VA Medical Center, Albuquerque NM
Adam R. Geronemus, MD 2005-2006
Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, South Miami Heart Center, Miami FL
William David Long, MD 2005-2006
Minimally Invasive Image Guided Specialists Alexandria, Louisiana
Benjamin A. Biebel, MD 2004-2005
Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa FL
Danny Chan, MD 2004-2005
Precision Vascular and Interventional, Dallas TX
Ryan D. Meyer, MD 2004-2005
Interventional Radiologist Evansville, Radiology Evansville, Indiana
Timo M. Quickert, MD 2004-2005
Medical Director Medical Imaging Associates Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Richard J. Harp, MD 2003-2004
Vice Chairman Southern Vascular Institute Spartanburg, South Carolina
Troy D. Long, MD 2003-2004
Minneapolis Vascular Physicians Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Bryant D. Thorpe, MD 2003-2004
Interventional Radiologist Carolina Regional Radiology Tampa, Florida
Connie I. Hsu, MD 2002-2003
Interventional Radiologist Austin Radiological Association Austin, Texas
Harry H. Tsou, MD 2002-2003
Assistant Professor of Radiology Mount Sinai Medical Center Elmhurst Hospital Elmhurst, New York
Britton Woodward, MD 2002-2003
Neurointerventional Radiology Vista Radiology Knoxville, Tennessee
Nina L. Kazerooni, MD 2001-2002
Drs. Mori, Bean & Brooks Jacksonville, Florida
Janice M. Newsome, MD 2001-2002
Attending Radiologist Riverside Regional Medical Center Suffolk, Virginia
Christopher M. Zylak, MD 2001-2002
Director of Neurointerventional Radiology Inland Imaging Spokane, Washingon
Ajay Choudhri, MD 2000-2001
Director of IR/Assistant Medical Director Capital Health Advanced Imaging PC Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Lance J. Becker, MD 2000-2001
Interventional Radiologist Crozer-Chester Medical Center Upland, Pennsylvania
Peter A. Villas, MD 2000-2001
Abington Memorial Hospital Newtown Square, Pennsylvania
Lee A. Fox, MD 1999-2000
Chief of Radiology Jupiter Medical Center Jupiter, Florida
Srinivas Tummala, MD 1999-2000
University of Miami, Miami FL
Noel B. Velasco, MD 1999-2000
Director Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program Bridgeport, Hospital Bridgeport, Connecticut
Mark Davidian, MD 1998-1999
Interventional Radiologist Radiological Associates of Sacramento Sacramento, California
Dorthe S. Brandt, MD 1998-1999
Winchester Medical Center Leesburg, Virginia
Peter Drescher, MD 1998-1999
Chief, Interventional Radiology Clinical Assistant Professor Medical College of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin
David A. Hays, MD 1997-1998
Interventional Radiologist Radiology Consultants Little Rock, Arkansas
Linda A. Hughes, MD 1997-1998
Broward Health Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Stephen K. Liu, MD 1997-1998
Interventional Radiologist Modesto Interventional Radiology Modesto, California
John J. Ryan, MD 1997-1998
Naples Radiologists Naples, Florida
Maxwell Lazinger, MD 1996-1997
Boone Hospital Center Columbia, Missouri
Moises Roizental, MD 1996-1997
Chief Vascular and Interventional Radiology Policlinica Metropolitana Caracas, Venezuela
Theodore Chambers, MD 1995-1996
Shaun L. Samuels, MD 1995-1996
Aventura Hospital, Aventura FL
Josiah W. Bancroft III, MD 1994-1995
Interventional Radiologist Radiology Specialists of Florida Maitland, Florida
Corey L. Teigen, MD 1994-1995
Managing Physician Partner Vascular Center MeritCare Medical Center Fargo, North Dakota
Gerald E. Grubbs, MD 1993-1994
Medical Director Sarasota Interventional Radiology Sarasota, Florida