A. Daily A.M. Case Planning and Chalk Talk Sessions

Residents attend and participate in these conferences every morning. Every case on the schedule for a given day is discussed during morning conference in conjunction with the attending staff. Each case is summarized within regard to clinical history, indication for the procedure, approach to interventional treatment, anesthesia requirements, peri-procedural medications, and other aspects of patient care.

B.Vascular Conference

This monthly conference with the general, vascular and cardio-thoracic surgeons involves active and recent cases with teaching value, quality assurance considerations, and features that are interesting and/or unique. Residents attend and present the cases.

C. Interventional Radiology/Vascular Surgery Quality Assurance (QA) Committee Meeting

The subcommittee on peripheral vascular disease of the MCVI Quality Assurance Committee is the body in charge of quality assurance for percutaneous vascular diagnostic and interventional procedures and peripheral vascular surgical procedures. The purpose of this meeting is to track and discuss medical errors in an environment that facilitates learning, encourages accountability, promotes leadership, and ultimately improves patient care.

D. Tumor Board

There is a weekly tumor board which includes a multidisciplinary team of physicians (including medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, surgeon, interventional radiologist, diagnostic radiologist, pathologist, etc) to review and discuss the medical condition and treatment options for patients with cancer.

E. Noon and Evening Conferences

Throughout the month, the Medical Education Committee of Baptist Hospital provides a series of educational programs to which the IVR residents should direct their attention. They should plan to attend at least those conferences that deal with topics related to vascular and interventional radiology. Conferences are listed on the monthly Baptist Hospital CME calendar.

F. Journal Club

One evening every other month vascular and interventional radiology Journal Club is held at Baptist Cardiac and Vascular Institute in the MCVI conference room. A list of article assignments is circulated in advance of the club meeting. At Journal Club, a light dinner is served and each person presents a summary of the article for which he/she is responsible. All those present participate in discussion about each paper.

G. Angio-Interventional Club

One evening every other month, alternating with Journal Club, Angio/Interventional Club (South Florida Society of Interventional Radiology) is held at different locations throughout the year. Attendance by MCVI-IVR residents is encouraged. During this meeting interesting and/or difficult cases are presented by those in attendance (from Miami-Dade and Broward counties) for discussion. Industry representatives provide snacks.

H. Quarterly MCVI Postgraduate Conference

On the average of once per quarter, an evening conference (5:30-7:00 p.m.) for the entire hospital staff is hosted by MCVI. MCVI interventional radiology residents are required to attend. The topic of the conference is generally one which bridges interdisciplinary boundaries. Dinner is served as the presentations are given, either by a combination of Baptist Hospital staff including MCVI radiology residents, faculty physicians or by a visiting speaker. Some of the topics that have been covered include venous thromboembolic disease, changing patterns in the management of carotid artery disease, and diagnosis and management of renovascular hypertension.

I. International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy (ISET) and Symposium on Clinical Interventional Oncology (CIO)

Once per year, MCVI hosts the International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy (ISET) and Symposium on Clinical Interventional Oncology (CIO). It boasts a very large faculty (national and international), an impressive series of lectures and live case demonstrations presented to the registrants in a remote auditorium via satellite transmission. During the meeting, the residents are doing much of the clinical work that makes the live case presentation format possible. However, time is provided during the week for each residents to attend part of the meeting.

J. Coronary CT Angiography Conference

A monthly Coronary CT Angiography conference is directed by Ricardo Curry, MD and Constantino Peña, MD. Other IR faculty and cardiologists will also attend this conference. This monthly conference consists of reviewing coronary CT angiograms that have been done within the past month. Normal anatomy is reviewed as well as pathologic findings. Specific attention is given to workstation use, reformatting and reconstruction of CT images. Residents keep a log of the cases that they review in order to maintain documentation of the number of cases that they evaluated during the year. At this conference, short didactic lectures may be given in areas of specific interest regarding coronary CT angiography. This conference allows time for questions and answers by the residents and supervised resident interpretations occur.

K. MCVI Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds at Baptist Cardiac and Vascular Institute occur several times a year. Prominent physicians from all over the world have been invited to speak at the Grand Rounds. In addition, the residents will present their clinical research findings in such a venue at the end of their residency year.