MCVI Cook Research Scholar Program

The Institution:

Established in 1987, the Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute (MCVI), an affiliate of Baptist Health South Florida, is a unique interdisciplinary organization whose mission it is to foster the highest quality of cardiovascular health through research, education, prevention, and clinical practice. MCVI is active in prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular disorders.

Scope of the MCVI Cook Research Scholar Program:

Fundamental innovation of new devices and therapies, pre-clinical laboratory studies, clinical applications, comparative studies, outcomes assessment, and cost and decision analyses all fall within the scope of the program. The MCVI Cook Research Scholar Program focuses upon vascular and cardiovascular clinical research with an emphasis on clinical outcomes, quality-of-life assessment, and cost and decision analyses.


The applicant must have earned an MD, Ph.D., MSc, MPH, or equivalent degree. Research experience is essential. Applicants must be experienced in the use of MS Office applications; some statistical background is helpful. The ability to work collaboratively is essential; candidate must have strong interpersonal, presentation, and teaching skills. Specific interest in the field of cardiovascular care is highly desirable, as are experience in health services research, clinical epidemiology, cost and decision analysis, and/or outcomes assessment. Also desirable are experience with one or more health status or quality-of-life instruments and a working knowledge of statistics. Physician applicants should be trained in one or more of the following fields: Diagnostic Radiology, Vascular and Interventional Radiology, Cardiology, Vascular Surgery, Vascular Medicine, Internal Medicine, Clinical Epidemiology, or Public Health. Training in another field may qualify the individual physician who has also completed significant research work in health services research, clinical epidemiology, cost and decision analysis, and/or outcomes assessment.

Consideration will be given to the publication track record of the applicant. A history of significant publications in major journals will add considerably to the individual's application.

Description of the MCVI Cook Research Scholar Position:

The MCVI Cook Research Scholar will live in Miami, Florida and work full-time at the Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute, Baptist Hospital of Miami. The position is as an employee of Baptist Health, with access to a full benefit package for the term of the assignment.

Description of the Award:

The MCVI Cook Research Scholar will receive an annual salary plus benefits, including health insurance, paid vacation, and parking. The award includes use of MCVI resources required to complete the research. Additional budget amounts are subject to the approval of the MCVI Cook Research Scholar Subcommittee. The position is within the Division of Clinical Research & Outcomes and will report to the Director, Raul Herrera, MD.

At the end of each research year, the MCVI Cook Research Scholar will present a lecture to the Baptist Health Systems Medical Staff and to an audience of cardiovascular specialists and other concerned health care personnel on the topic/findings of the research accomplished during the award period.

In recognition of the award, the individual's name will be engraved on a special plaque maintained on a permanent wall hanging in a prominent location at the Institute.

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